Craftware - About Us

DCCT was founded in 1987 as a non-governmental welfare organisation whose aim is to address the needs of deaf people in the Western Cape. The Craftware department was established in 1988. Soon thereafter in 1990, with funding from the Engergos Foundation, four sewing machines were purchased. The ladies who do the work and selling are all deaf.

The products are sold at the DCCT Heathfield, as well as in Claremont and Rondebosch Craftmarkets. They do not get proper income and only depend on the production of their products. Their merchandise ranges from a variety of denim bags for children and adult to pencil bags, chairbags, and backpacks. As though that isn't versatile enough, they also make dungarees for small children!

The below video shows one of the ladies from the Craftware department telling us the above information.

Without any further ado, the below link showcases the Craftware department's products. Please note that you may call in and have a made, as well as completely customise the product. The ladies are also happy to use pictures of your choosing.

Product Catalogue