Partnerships & Funding

Liaison with Other Organisations

DCCT is recognized as a dedicated organization with the support and backing of the Deaf community. The various projects undertaken by DCCT are unique in South Africa in that they are initiated and developed by Deaf people. This organization should be targeted as a model to develop, so that once projects have employed Deaf people and are sustained, the Deaf staff members can be involved in outreach development work, sharing their skills with other, less developed Deaf organizations.

The first priority is for DCCT to develop its projects within the greater Cape Town area, to serve the needs of its members. A second important goal is to share its skills and resources with other organizations. This second goal is will only be possible if funding is made available. Although DCCT is a local organization, its strong leadership and support from the Deaf community makes it a national resource. DCCT is aware of its potential to assist in the development of other less developed Deaf organizations and could do so if funds were made available for this purpose.

Sponsorship to DCCT

Sponsorship to DCCT projects has been obtained previously from various organisation including:

  • The Energos foundation (Craftware: women's sewing co-operative)
  • Pick ‘n Pay (Deaf employment awareness campaign)
  • Warner Lambert
  • Anglo American & De Beers Chairman’s Fund
  • Ithuba
  • Equal Opportunity Foundation
  • Kasigo
  • Department of Economic Affairs & RDP(Equipment for the Audiology project)
  • Department of Education (Adult Literacy Project)
  • Disability fund(Adult Literacy Project)
  • Western Cape Language Committee – PAWC (Day classes for ALP)
  • National Research Foundation (NRF)- Literacy Project
  • Telkom,Siemans,THRIP (Teldem field trail with UCT)
  • Department of Social Services
  • The Nellie Atkinson Trust (administered by BoE)
  • Foundation for Human Rights
  • International Deaf Children Society
  • City of Cape Town
  • Department of Health
  • National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund


DCCT controls budgets for its various projects. It is involved in fundraising, administering of funds, record keeping and is accountable to a number of funders. Progress reports, financial reports and annual financial statements are drawn up by DCCT staff, the treasurer and the auditors on a regular basis.

Funding for DCCT is not easily secured, as it is one of many welfare, health and educational service providers drawing on the limited funds available through donor organizations. Due to a lack of funds, various projects have not yet realized their potential.

To enquire about donating funds to DCCT, please contact us.

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