Deaf HIV/AIDS Lay Counsellor Program

This program aims to provide an effective counselling service to those who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the Deaf community. It also offers intervention services through group work. It makes HIV/AIDS counselling accessible and provides community adherence support in Sign Language

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Adult Literacy Project

This is an adult literacy project that provides Deaf people with the opportunity to expand their reading and writing skills. Teaching takes place through the medium of Sign Language.

Arts and Culture Project

Deaf youth are given the opportunity to be trained as they put together an on-stage production which includes drama, dance, artwork, environmental affairs and music.

Audiology Project

Deaf people have access to diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services within their own community. Assessments are conducted to determine if hearing-aids would be beneficial. Students from the University of Cape Town assist this project on a weekly basis, and DCCT employs a full time Deaf audiology assistant.

Craftware (Women’s Sewing Co-operative)

Craftware is a self-help, income-generating project for Deaf unemployed women in which various denim products are produced and decorated with attractive and colourful motifs. Products include various sized bags, pencil cases, chair bags, and aprons designed for use for all ages from toddlers to adults.

Deaf Women’s Group

Deaf women meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to the empowerment of Deaf women including issues associated with challenging discrimination and abuse.

Deaf Awareness

This program raises awareness of Deaf culture, Sign language, as well as Deaf education, medical aspects of deafness, Deaf human rights, and Deaf mental health. The target is to educate the hearing public about these issues.

Deaf Elderly Monthly Program

This is a varied program for the elderly Deaf individuals, held on a monthly basis. This program covers health, activities and outings.

Deaf Leadership and Youth Program

This program grooms Deaf youth to become the leaders of the future in the Deaf community. The activities associated with the Youth program are: drug and alcohol awareness; career guidance; budgeting and leadership.

Gender Empowerment Program

Deaf people are taught conflict management skills; men are taught how they can treat women with dignity as well as how to stop discrimination and abuse against women and their children

Information Technology Computer Training Program

This program creates an opportunity for Deaf people to have access to Information Technology through the means of a certified computer literacy training program (ICDL) as well as research in partnership with University of the Western Cape Computer Science Department and University of Cape Town

Monthly Community Events

This program brings together Deaf people from all walks of life on the third Sunday of each month. The gathering starts with Mass delivered by a Catholic priest, who is the Chaplin of the Deaf. An awareness raising program follows, with issues addressed that have a great impact on the life of Deaf people.

Welfare Program

A professional social work and development service is offered to Deaf people through DCCT, including casework, group work, community development and referrals.

Sign Language Classes

This program aims at providing sign language courses for members of the hearing public who are interested in learning sign language either as a career opportunity or to be able to communicate with the Deaf community.

Sign Language Program for parents who have Deaf children

The Sign Language program is for parents, siblings and Deaf children. This program offers support and Sign Language training and resources through the Deaf community.This is the only such service on offer in the Cape Town area.